Company History

Our Purpose

In the summer of 2007, after working in a major carrier’s call center, Mike Arhangelsky saw a need for personalization in the insurance industry. Next step, the creation of Floridasurance, Inc., dba

Our business is based on you. We strive to take the hassle out of buying insurance. We offer protection for individuals and family. We are here for you. In Mike’s own words: “Captive or non-captive, most companies push certain products that may not be the best for you, the client. I created to bring a human touch to the un-personable world of buying insurance. We can get any product you may be looking for. As an independent agency contracted with many different providers, we have your best interests in mind: we can search for the best representation and price for you. We will also save you something even more precious: your time.”

Our Clients

In the years that we have started Floridasurance, we serve all people, regardless of anyone’s medical history. represents people like you from all over the state of Florida. We service families as well as single people; younger folks, as well as older ones. Whatever your age or status, Mike and the team will work to find the right policy for you!!

Floridasurance is fully licensed and insured in Florida.