Insurance and Consumer Confidence?

With more attempts at repeal, what is that doing to the insurance companies, and overall consumer confidence.

Surprisingly with all the uncertainty, insurers are posting record profits, market stability, and the potential for premium reduction could be on the horizon. The uncertainty in the health insurance market does not seem to affect the long-term outlook of private insurance. This is true even with the potential of the individual mandate being removed. One could make the forecast that overall insurance company revenues would be reduced. ACA and its imperfections seem to be working for the consumer and the insurer. So why, at this point, would we create a new system that would reduce cost by limiting or denying coverage, increasing out-of-pocket maxims and deductibles? Politics aside we as Americans must demand a fair and reasonable set of standards and responsibility for both insurers and policyholders. Blind reckless willy nilly repeal and public outcry due to party affiliation is not the answer. It would not be a fair deal for the American family and individuals covered under our health insurance system.

Data: Company financial filings* Aetna lost money due to a failed merger with Humana 

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